Peaks and Valleys.

Im back, from a hiatus of sorts.

The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting. I started this year with the full intention of taking a break from social media platforms. That all lasted all of what seemed to be a week or so, before I dove head first into the web again. It has been quite hard distancing myself from these spaces that provide instant validation and gratification. I think the silver lining is the fact that I am aware of the power that the internet has and how it affects my every day life and emotions. However, I do believe I am making progress in my journey to staying present and enjoying the now. I think trying to quit these platforms all at once was not the smartest plan but I have been keeping myself accountable when it comes to productivity. Im making sure that I am using my free time to accomplish tasks that need to be done as well as spending time creating.

With that being said… I’m back… on social media that is. Im going to try to limit my screen time or work on it. I will let you guys know how that all pans out.

In other news… I recently participated in a local Public Art project entitled “Casita Taproom Masterpiece” the project involves local and regional artists painting the faces of beer barrels at a local brewery here in Wilson, NC. Casita Brewing Company is located at the heart of Historic Downtown Wilson at 217 South Street. My piece completed the second season of the event. The Barrel is on display in their taproom and will remain on display until the beer is ready to be tapped. If you enjoy craft beer I would suggest you drop by this spot and checkout all they have to offer. If you’re an Artist yourself and are interested in taking part in this project in the future. I would suggest reaching out to them to check on availability.

Juan Carlos Duron Martinez at Casita Brewing Company. Posing with his piece for ”Casita Taproom Masterpiece”.

My fear of heights aside… this was an awesome experience and I’m thankful for the opportunity to expose my artwork publicly.

What else is new? I purchased a new Polaroid camera and am really enjoying the creative liberties that it has given me. Photography is something that I am new to and although I have no experience shooting film photography. I decided instant film would be an easy way to ease myself into the medium. Although I’m aware the two are worlds apart I like to think this will encourage me to shoot film one day. for now I would encourage you to follow me on this journey as I document people, places, and experiences through instant film photography. Checkout the ”Portfolio” page loacated on the Menu bar, for a new virtual gallery link featuring images I’ve captured thus far.

I hope you’re succeeding and accomplishing your goals. But if you’re not, remember tomorrow is a brand new day. Stop, take a breath, and reevaluate your plan of action. Peaks and valleys.

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