Peaks and Valleys.

Im back, from a hiatus of sorts. The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting. I started this year with the full intention of taking a break from social media platforms. That all lasted all of what seemed to be a week or so, before I dove head first into the web again. It […]

Staying Present

The importance of living in the present has thrusted itself into the top of my list of priorities for this year. Never before have I been more aware of the amount of time I spend thinking about the past or the future. I mean even as I’m writing this blog post I’m doin just that. […]

2021 Achievements

2021 has been an incredible year for US. I say us because without all of you none of this would be possible. I am forever grateful for everyones involvement in my journey. I originally set out to create a vision board/ list of goals for the coming year. That’s when I decided it would be […]

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