Staying Present

The importance of living in the present has thrusted itself into the top of my list of priorities for this year. Never before have I been more aware of the amount of time I spend thinking about the past or the future. I mean even as I’m writing this blog post I’m doin just that. Thinking about the past and the future. I think reminiscing on old memories and dreaming of new ones to come, are all healthy parts of what it is to be human. However, from my experience it seems to me that missing those moments can bring us pain and suffering, which hinder us from enjoying the blessings we have right now.

I’ve prayed for clarity and day by day my thoughts become clearer. I’ve been able to process my emotions and come to understand why I spent so much time in the negative. I made a conscience decision to stay positive and stay present. That is not to say i will not falter. When and if I do I will pick up right from where I left off and get back on the path that leads me.

Im taking action by taking a break from social media applications like Facebook and Instagram. This isn’t a permanent change but I do hope this will help me become more focussed and productive. The decision has definitely been a difficult one as a lot of an Artist’s exposure, now a days, comes from social media presence. I think however there needs to be a balance in everything one does. I don’t believe one can be consistent with the creation of work if their time is offset by distractions. I think the very tools that are set up to help us reach our goals are the very same ones that debilitate our ability to reach for them. I hope this break will allow me to spend more time creating and staying present.

With that being said I want to clarify that I’m not jumping into this change “cold turkey” because simply- it’s not that easy. I’ve deleted these apps from my phone because that is the main and most accessible distraction but I am allowing myself the ability to access these platforms from my IPad as an incentive to create. I know that when I pick up this piece of technology I am going to either work on Digital drawings, which I’ve been experimenting with more over the last couple of days, or create updated for my website. At which point I justify checking these apps because I’ve made steps towards reaching a goal. It is important for me to be able to still access these platforms because not everyone aware of my journey and I need to be able to get back to some of my messages.

All in all I think this is the right decision for the me right now and if and when I decide to make changes to my routine it will be because I am ready to. I hate that this post doesn’t update you guys on much of my recent artistic endeavors but this is a space for me to share more than just Art. The works of the mind are just as important, ya feel me?

Ive got some exciting things planned for this year and I cant wait to be able to share some of them with you guys in the future. see you guys soon.


What is your resolution this year?

2 thoughts on “Staying Present

  1. Good morning my friend…I too am taking a break from Social Media as a part of “22 for 2022 Fast”. Not being contected through these aspects has not been to difficult to handle at the present time. However, it does disconnect me from family members who only interact on these platforms. As I continue my reflection on what is important to me and focus on forward thinking I applaud you in your efforts.

    1. Teri,
      It’s great to hear I’m not alone in this sentiment. I do hope we both gain more time in the present with the ones we love. Thanks for the read. X

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