This series of small works entitled “Breathing” is a dedication to both the artist’s mother and late grandmother. These woman both have been important and influential figures in the artist’s life. Growing up the artist remembers his grandmother’s house being filled with flowers and plants. He recalls the feeling of joy, happiness, and comfort the environment she created brought him. The artist has taken these memories and recreated them in both his real life and in his artwork. Within the last couple of years the artist has become very fond of succulents and it is through this new hobby of caring for his plants that he was inspired to create this body of work. These succulents are all individually unique and the artist has enjoyed the process of creating these pieces for the viewer. The artist’s grandmother housed a huge plant wall in her home and this is the artist’s way of replicating it on a smaller scale. Working with these plants allows him to take a step back, take a breath in, and enjoy the moment.