First and foremost…

Thank you for being here! Who would have thought I would be writing a blog post for my very own Website. This is so exciting for me and I hope its just as exciting for you to be a part of.

If you haven’t yet had a moment to check out the rest of the website I would encourage you to do that first before diving deep into this blog post. I want to make it clear that I in no way know what I am doing so bare with me and enjoy the ride.

Ive been wanting to start my own website to have a place to archive past, present, and future works. While also having a corner of the web all to myself not just Instagram and facebook, which by the way are great platforms, and I exist in both those realms. If you’d like to be my friend on facebook feel free to shoot me a request, but I will forewarn you I don’t accept requests from strangers most of the time. But if you are my friend or a recent acquaintance feel free to click away at that request button.

As for instagram, my personal account is @jc.duron and my Art account is @jcdmart. So if that fancies you, feel free to follow as well. On my personal account the majority of the content relates to what I’m up to, businesses and Artists I’m loving, food I’m craving, and more. While my Art instagram is a sort of virtual Gallery that existed prior to the creation of this webpage. That being said, that does not mean I will stop posting on either of those, but I think It will be nice to have a place where I can go deeper into what it is I’m thinking. How I am creating. A place to dump a large amount of information without it being overwhelming to those looking to consume a quick bite of information. I think this place is specifically geared towards those who are not only invested in my artwork, the process, but most importantly myself. This will give me the freedom to completely separated the artist (myself) from the fear of acceptance that is portrayed by the amount of likes or comments on a social media post. Because at the end of the day I’m putting this information out there with no expectations of it ever being observed or critiqued. But if it is welcomed or helps someone out in their own journey as an artist, then I feel as though I have done my part.

I don’t know how often I will be posting content but I will be trying to give you a more detailed view of how it is that I create and why it is that I create. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see, feel free to drop me a quick message. If you’re wondering what sort of Art materials I’m using just ask. Anything and I mean anything you might be interested in knowing feel free to ask me.

thanks again for being a part of this journey, I hope you tag along for the ride.

Juan Carlos Duron-Martinez attends the opening of the new Wilson Arts Center in Downtown Wilson, NC.


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